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Printed 2D floor plans are old school and your architecture is much more than just lengths, breaths, widths, and heights. Thus, give your viewers a lifelike view of your build-up with Cheesy animation’s 3D architectural rendering services so they can be stimulated towards your end goal.

What is 3D Architectural Rendering?

Simply put, a 3D architectural render is a realistic representation in an image form of what a proposed architecture will look like when built. It involves building a 3D model with fine finishes, furnishings, etc., from a CAD file or a PDF beholding all your elevations, floor plans, and more. To break it down, there are 4 types of 3D architectural rendering services. Here is the rundown.


3D Walkthrough is like walking around with a building seeing through the lens of the camera and observing objects coming in your way. It looks authentic and offers a good sense of how the completed building and interiors will look. It allows you to visually tour the property, exploring the rooms, corridors, and other locations within the building, as well as the location's outdoor environs. The items you see in the tour are animated in 3D walkthrough animation, making it even more lifelike.

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3D Exterior rendering

With it comes to preserve promotional activities in architectural structuring, 3D exterior rendering ends up being the most vital thing. Today, 3D architectural animation has turned into a critical part in the advancement of organizations and land ventures. The field of 3D Exterior Rendering Services has seen lots of technological developments that cling to convey 3D visualization Animation to the business.

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3D Interior Rendering

The Cheesy Animation is a main 3D Interior Rendering Service Provider Company. Takes us one to two days to finish, contingent upon the many-sided quality of the Project. Some of the time it's less than 24 hours. All we need is a total data or determinations. Information like colours, surfaces, materials, design and pictures from magazines and the web help a considerable measure in understanding the ultimate result of the introduction. We give our own in a few events if our customer needs a one of a kind 3D Interior Rendering.

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3D Floor Plan

THE CHEESY | VISUAL STUDIO Help buyer to effortlessly picture and conceptualize their fantasies in the design of their home and shop effects in 3D Architectural Floor Plans through Office, Hotel , Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Home, Bungalow, Villa, Club, Hospital, Building, Small House Design, 3d site improvement delineate, site guide and 3D Sections Plan.

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3D Modeling

As the top most company in the world of Architectural 3D Modeling THE CHEESY | VISUAL STUDIO can create 3D animation with sound to your given concept, sketches, drawings or to the conventional models. This virtual model can help lot to the property buyers and the owner of the site. 3D Architectural Model Making Company made 3D Modeling helps to understand and the concept of the building before it comes in the reality. The property buyers also can see the design of the building, industrial plan, architecture, product and many more….

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3D Products Modeling

THE CHEESY | VISUAL STUDIO also offers 3D Product Design with rendering technology support and animation. 3D Product Rendering is very useful for those who are related to medical, different Model makers, furniture designers or industrial corporations. 3D product Rendering makes easy to convince customers as they see about the Model in detail with interesting and fun way. Its animation makes it more live and show tiny things from inside the item .

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THE CHEESY | VISUAL STUDIO is the best virtual reality service provider which has the best and exceptionally skilled experts and technicians who can accomplish any challenging and complex project with immense professionalism and complete brilliance. With VR being embraced by almost all industries worldwide, our ambit of services encompasses every relevant, thinkable solution.

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With regards to the Architectural 360 Panoramic View Services this is much more imperative as the procedure is very included, frequently requiring particular experience and costly 360 photography gear. Great 360 item introduction comprises of no less than 20 to 40 pictures for each item and depends on the exact item situating for an adjusted turn, and also quality lighting and loads of imagination.

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3D architectural rendering services

3D exterior rendering

As the name suggests, it gives viewers an exterior view of a property. However, when we talk about 3D exterior rendering, it is just not a still from the outside but it gives a natural feel of the surrounding environment of the architecture in different scenic settings. For instance, adding features like the dawn, dusk, rain, fog, lush green surrounding, corporate park surroundings, nature picturesque or so. As your 3D architectural rendering company, we provide you with different light settings and other elements that can give you impressive marketing materials to present to your clients.

3D interior rendering

Now, the 3D interior render is not the same as the floor plan that gives you a bird’s eye view of the interiors. It is rather a realistic representation of different rooms, hallways, staircases, doorways, and other spaces within an architecture. With 3D interior rendering, you get the opportunity to give your viewers a well-designed look at the interior space with all the decorative and fundamental furnishing accessories. A great deal of our 3D architectural rendering services in India focuses on 3D interior and exterior renders.

3D floor plan

Now, the 3D interior render is not the same as the floor plan that gives you a bird’s eye view of the interiors. It is rather a realistic representation of different rooms, hallways, staircases, doorways, and other spaces within an architecture. With 3D interior rendering, you get the opportunity to give your viewers a well-designed look at the interior space with all the decorative and fundamental furnishing accessories. A great deal of our 3D architectural rendering services in India focuses on 3D interior and exterior renders.

3D architectural walkthrough

What can be better than your prospective buyers taking a lifelike stroll in and out of your property before it is even built? 3D Architectural walkthroughs are videos of properties providing viewers with a virtual tour from start to end. Various elements, pieces of furniture, and other elements are integrated into the videos that are not given any animation but give a realistic graphical output. It largely impacts their decision to purchase your property as it stimulates their sense of the property’s ambiance, structure, and features. As your 3D architectural rendering company, we assure you that this investment is quite considerable and we make it worth it!

3D Modeling

A segment of our 3D architectural rendering services in India is 3D modeling through which we spell some life to your conventional architecture models, concepts, sketches, and drawings. Such 3D models help prospective buyers and investors in the decision-making process. 3D models that we develop for you as your 3D architectural rendering company are detailed with elements and unique based on the type such as industrial plan, or residential plan, etc.

India’s Trusted 3D Architectural Rendering Company

THE CHEESY VISUAL STUDIO is an India-based firm that offers 3d architectural visualization services. Our clientele has trusted us time and again for the best quality architectural rendering in 3d. We adhere to creating quality 3D architectural designs for your properties whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.

Our specialists in 3D architectural designs ensure a detailed view of both the insides and outside look of the property. With our 3D architectural visualization, your viewers can examine every aspect of the property in lifelike scenarios.

Our commitment to quality and fast services has earned us the opportunity to serve clients across the globe. The Cheesy Visual Studio’s presence has expanded eventually and is well-established in different countries. Today, Cheesy Visual Studio is a 3d architectural visualization services provider for India, UK, USA, UAE, and Dubai.

Uses of 3D Architectural Rendering Services

For as long as we can remember, 3D architectural rendering services in India have been well-embraced by builders for an impressive interior and exterior representation. As the real estate market sprung at a scale, the need for superior 3D architectural designs also surged in relation to the growing demand. In our working experience, we have seen some common scenarios where our 3D architectural rendering services are most required, we have enlisted them below:

Avail permits and approvals

A 3D render not only helps your buyers get a feel of the property but also shows your project plan to local authorities that give you required permits to initiate development. 3D exterior renderings and 3D floor plans are especially helpful in portraying your proposed structure in the planned landscape.


Location-based outdoor marketing in the present time is crucial to attracting buyers to the projected, under-development, or developing property. As a 3D rendering company, we see property developers now investing heavily in advertising. 3D exterior and 3D interior renders are specifically fulcrum of good marketing materials.

Online promotions

Further, walkthroughs and virtual 3D floor plans enable real estate development firms to carry out continuing marketing campaigns from their offices. The properties can be promoted on the website and social media handles so that more and more prospects can learn about the property.

Raise funding

Real estate projects often require funding from investors which can be quite daunting to secure. 3D rendering images of interiors, exteriors, or walkthroughs can intrigue them into investing as they can clearly see potential in your project.

Higher conversions

Blueprints are not comprehensible for laymen. It is extremely confusing and leads nowhere. Instead, a 3D render is the simplest and most pleasant portrait of your residential or commercial space.

Achieve accuracy

The adage “To err is human”, is true but in real estate projects, this may lead to financial and social implications. 3D rendering services allow you to spot eros and amend them instead of procuring building costs. Hence, we can say that it does help achieve accuracy and lower the development cost.

Why choose Cheesy Visual Studio’s 3D architectural rendering services in India?

We thrive to create every render of our “masterpiece”. Achieving perfection at every angle we make every penny of your investment count! There are not one but many reasons to choose us as your 3D architectural rendering company.

• Quality render

• Out-of-box creativity

• Timely delivery

• Adaptable to requirements

• Competitive costs

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