Architectural model making ideas

Architectural model making ideas for beginners

One of the toughest things to do for a developer is to jump through all the hoops with the planning commission and the EIRs (environmental impact reports), but sometimes that's just the beginning of a long drawn out process of convincing the community that the development will improve the town, city, or county. Folks from all over, along with the local movers and shakers want to see the sketches, renderings, and if you have them, and you should the architectural models.

A brilliantly done model allows citizens of the area to visualize the project and development in 3D, and it always makes an impact, usually good, but sometimes it can kill a project too. Folks will be concerned with the size of the project next to current buildings, how those buildings block the view or shadow the light onto adjacent structures, and how the project fits in with the perceived theme of the city, which is a tough one as many people see their city differently, and they want to keep it; their way.

Then there is the whole NIMBY (not in my backyard) issue and there are instigators who don't want the project no matter how many jobs it brings in, how much tourism, or how much sales tax revenue for the city to build more soccer fields, adding to the library, indoor swimming pool, or much-needed upgrades. And this is where an architectural model can work its magic, that's its job.

One of the most important issues of architectural modeling is the little details, where tiny figures are walking on paths and sidewalks, and cars are moving around parking lots with ease. Proper color, and lighting of the model, even shading is a nice touch. It makes all the difference in the world, and it might make the difference between convincing the citizens of the project or creating a firestorm of opposition.

Yes, architectural modeling makes all the difference for community buy-in. Indeed, I wish you continued success in your development and architectural projects, and I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Architectural 3D modeling is quite essential in following areas:

3D architectural exterior models for any type of buildings

3D architectural interior models for any type of buildings

• 3D landscape design modeling

• 3D architectural building products development and presentation

At the point when developers get these much advantageous architectural modeling services in the prior periods of developing a building, at that point, it winds up simpler for them to fabricate the best of the structures with top quality.