The most important elements of a good 3D render are the preparation of the substrate and the mortar mix.

Tools Needed

Step Ladders or a Crate, Plastering Bath or Cement Mixer, Standard Bucket x 2, Shovel, Finishing Trowel, Plasterers Hawk, Bucket Trowel, Large Brush, Protective Gloves, Scratching Tool, Snips, Plastic Float, Feather Edge. If wall paper require than it has to be involve in this list.

Materials Needed

Types of material needed that is depend on requirement of client.

Step 1: Setting Your Beads Out

Firstly, if you have any beads then put these in place that you are sure about your thought.

Step 2: Mixing Your Cement

In second step you have to mix your sand and cement up to a ratio of 4:1:1 that it’s completely mixed with each other that they mixed very well. If you are rendering an exterior wall then make sure you use water proofer or plasticizer that secure with water.

Step 3: Applying the Scratch Coat

Block-work tends to be very porous so it’s always tending to use a large brush and splash some clean water on the wall and brush have to be clean that color is never mixed that you can apply correct color. Now using your hawk and trowel apply the render from the bottom up using large strokes. You'll want a thickness of about 8-10mm. Leave to dry for about 15-20 minutes and then using your scratch tool run it over your render horizontally, try not to go too deep and now leave to dry for about an hour or two.

Step 4: Second Coat

Now you have to repeat step number 2. Splash the wall again with fresh water and apply the second coat. Same again, start from the bottom and use long strokes. You’ll want the same thickness again, about 8-1omm and that over sail the beads as you will scrape some back off.

Step 5: Rule off Your Wall

Now all your render is on and its near to complete, take your feather edge and carefully go both vertically and horizontally across your wall that it’s look perfect, scraping off any excess render and ensuring its completely flat, fill in any hollows you may have then use your feather-edge again and leave to dry for about an hour that it’s look completely perfect.